WOW! Pearlescent powders give smooth pearlescent lustre and replicate the metallic powders but have the added benefit that the final colour can be changed by varying the base ink, allowing designers more flexibility.

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  • WE01 Gold Pearl

    WE01 Gold Pearl

    TRANSLUCENT. Resplendent Gold with a shimmer and shine. All Pearlescents can be tweaked to suit your mood by alternating the colour underneath your powder.
  • WE04 Copper Pearl

    WE04 Copper Pearl

    TRANSLUCENT. Intense and strong Copper that is a little bit flash but suprisingly smooth.
  • WE05 Violet Pearl

    WE05 Violet Pearl

    TRANSLUCENT. Extremely popular vibrant versatile Violet. Impressive results when used with varied ink colours.
  • WE07 Blue Pearl

    WE07 Blue Pearl

    TRANSLUCENT. Blue with a smidgen of purple lustre.
  • WE08 Green Pearl

    WE08 Green Pearl

    TRANSLUCENT. Ethereal peppermint leaf Green with a dainty finish.
  • WE09 Red Pearl

    WE09 Red Pearl

    TRANSLUCENT. Sound plumy red with deep tones and lucent glow.
  • WE10 White Pearl

    WE10 White Pearl

    TRANSLUCENT. Graceful White that is luxurious and gleaming.