Fab Foilers

WOW! Fab Foilers are toner printed cards that work with our Fab Foils via a heat and pressure process, ie a laminator, iron, heat press, hair straighteners etc.

For example, if using an iron, place Fab Foiler card pattern side up on an ironing board, put Fab Foil on top, colour side up, put parchment paper on top and iron, the optimum temperature is 130.

Remove and you have a beautifully foiled design ready to make a simple but effective card or die cut shapes or words out of.

There are many uses for the blank ones, sprinkle Frosted Glass on the blank card, lay foil on top, run through a laminator, peel off, then put a contrasting colour on and run through again. It creates a fabulous effect. The same goes for the WOW Sparkles, especially the chunkier ones like Crown Jewels.