Embossing Powders

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  • WR04 Pink

    WR04 Pink

    OPAQUE AND MARBLING. Fluorescent Pink.
  • WR11 Blue

    WR11 Blue

    OPAQUE AND MARBLING. Fluorescent Blue.
  • WU01 Aztec

    WU01 Aztec

    TRANSLUCENT. A subtle glimmering shade of orange gold
  • WU02 Mayan

    WU02 Mayan

    TRANSLUCENT. A soft pearlescent honeyed gold
  • WU03 Oyster

    WU03 Oyster

    TRANSLUCENT. A beautiful soft shimmering cream
  • WU04 Inca

    WU04 Inca

    TRANSLUCENT. A light glistening vanilla
  • WU05 Rose

    WU05 Rose

    TRANSLUCENT. A pink gold that is the true representation of Rose Gold