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  • WS03 Green Glitz

    WS03 Green Glitz

    OPAQUE AND MARBLING. Liven up your festive season with our stunning, lustrous Christmas Tree Green as it simply would not be the same without it.
  • WS04 Blue Glitz

    WS04 Blue Glitz

    OPAQUE AND MARBLING. Suitable for anytime this plush neptunian Blue sparkles like the ocean at sunset.
  • WS238 Picnic Basket

    WS238 Picnic Basket

    Opaque and Marbling. Inspired by.....Marion Emberson Delicious new Embossing Glitter. Looks and sounds good enough to eat!!
  • WS241 Sugared Almond

    WS241 Sugared Almond

    Opaque and Marbling. Inspired by.....Marion Emberson. Delicious new Embossing Glitter. Looks and sounds good enough to eat!!
  • WS255 Old Glory

    WS255 Old Glory

    Inspired by....Marion Emberson. With a mix of different grade powders every stamped image will be different
  • WS279 Galaxy Glow

    WS279 Galaxy Glow

    Glow in the dark just got better!! Great on so many projects from cards to kids bedrooms.
  • WS35 Nice Ice Blue

    WS35 Nice Ice Blue

    OPAQUE AND MARBLING. It sparkles like a diamond and is as blue as the Caribbean sea. Fabulous Nice Ice Blue will have you dreaming of that longed for holiday.
  • WS43 Persian Indigo

    WS43 Persian Indigo

    OPAQUE AND MARBLING. An extravagant concoction of dark blue embossing powder and glistening violet glitter.
  • WS44 Totally Teal

    WS44 Totally Teal

    OPAQUE AND MARBLING. A beautiful opaque aqua with sky blue glitter.
  • WS45 Pink Sherbert

    WS45 Pink Sherbert

    OPAQUE AND MARBLING. A delicate ballet slipper pink with gorgeous holographic shimmer.
  • WS46 Pink Fizz

    WS46 Pink Fizz

    OPAQUE AND MARBLING. Deep pink with fuchsia flecks of glitter.
  • WS49 Vintage Peacock

    WS49 Vintage Peacock

    OPAQUE AND MARBLING. Everybody's favourite, rich in colour and glitter, we dare you not to love it!
  • WS50 Vintage Champagne

    WS50 Vintage Champagne

    OPAQUE AND MARBLING. The perfect vintage wedding colour, subtle, classic and just plain gorgeous!
  • WS52 Vintage Romance

    WS52 Vintage Romance

    OPAQUE AND MARBLING. Think of bunches of soft ranunculus smothered in a golden glitter.